MIRAN video surveillance system

MIRAN video surveillance system
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MIRAN video surveillance system

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MIRAN - is a ship television system designed to provide security surveillance. Guarantees continuous monitoring of the work of the crew, thereby increasing the safety of navigation. Suitable for installation on various types of vessels and meets the requirements in accordance with Government Decree No. 969.

MIRAN is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, which allows its modifications to be used to ensure transport safety at floating and infrastructure facilities for sea or river purposes.

MIRAN combines several subsystems:

  • Analog system - including dome and outdoor cameras suitable for installation on any ships. When working with the MIRAN system, images from several cameras are displayed on a common display by recorders.
  • IP-system - having digital and dome outdoor cameras, multi-channel IP video recorders. DVRs can work both standalone and internet connection.
  • Accessories - consisting of displays with different diagonals, network switches, control panels, power supplies, hard drives, etc. The collected information is stored on hard drives.
  • Additionally, the user can connect a touch screen, keyboard, trackball, joystick, to ensure convenient operation. The housing of the MIRAN system is a monoblock, which has an IP67 protection class. The main module has small dimensions, which allows it to be placed in any rack.

  • Power - 12 V
  • Operating temperature: -15°C +55°C (for indoor units); -40°C +55°C (for units on deck)
  • Protection class - IP44-66
  • Interface - SATA and USB
  • Based on the needs of the Customer, the type and size of the vessel and other parameters, the optimal system configuration is selected.

TSON MIRAN may consist of the following components:

1. Analog cameras and DVRs:
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-301
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-401
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-401K
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-501
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-501M
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-601
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-602
  • Camera MIRAN® IVM-711
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVM-8004
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVM-8008
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVM-8016
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVM-8024
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVM-8032

2. Digital IP cameras and DVRs:
  • Camera MIRAN® IVMS-401
  • Camera MIRAN® IVMS-501
  • Camera MIRAN® IVMS-601
  • Camera MIRAN® IVMS-701
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVMS-8004
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVMS-8008
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVMS-8016
  • Video recorder MIRAN® IVMS-8032

3. LCD monitors:
  • LCD monitor MIRAN® IVM-10ZhK
  • LCD monitor MIRAN® IVM-12ZhK
  • LCD monitor MIRAN® IVM-17ZhK
  • LCD monitor MIRAN® IVM-19ZhK
  • LCD monitor MIRAN® IVM-22ZhK

4. Optional equipment:
  • Control panel MIRAN® IVM-KV-ST
  • Network switch MIRAN® IVK-16
  • Internal HDD1Tb
  • Internal HDD2Tb
  • Internal hard drive HDD4Tb
  • SSD500 solid state hard drive
  • SSD1000 solid state hard drive
  • Coaxial cable PK75
  • Power cable KMPVE
  • Signaling unit MIRAN® BS05
  • twisted pair

5. Power supplies:
  • MIRAN® BPz1205
  • MIRAN® BPz1235