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Spare parts CASSENS & PLATH

Spare parts CASSENS & PLATH

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Winterisation Heater Kit

Rotary devices VisionMaster FT with Winterisation heaters allow the ship's navigation system equipment to operate at temperatures down to -55 ° C.

The Winterisation heater unit is available as an upgrade kit for the X-Band and S-Band radar devices of the NGSM radar.

Brochure Winterisation Heater Kit Sperry Marine

Main characteristics:

  • A complete solution that allows turntables to operate at temperatures down to -55 ° C
  • Kits of heaters for X-Band and S-Band radar radars are approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • Can be connected to a power source in winter
  • Uses the ship's standard power source
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Self-regulating heating element

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