Intelliko iDVR MVS-1909/013

Intelliko iDVR MVS-1909/013
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Intelliko iDVR MVS-1909/013

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Ship's DVR  Intelliko iDVR MVS-1909/013 is made in a metal case, in accordance with the requirements of moisture protection for marine equipment. The video recorder is designed to use ship security video surveillance Intelliko MVS-1909, certified RMRS, PPP and MIA.

Intelliko iDVR MVS-1909/013 is available in several versions:
  • Has 4 and 8-channel execution
  • Versions for connecting IP-cameras, analog (AHD) or combined for connecting AHD / IP 
The DVR is equipped with a slot for a hard drive with a capacity of up to 2TB.

  • LINUX operating system
  • Media Type: Hard Disk (HDD)
  • Power Consumption DC8-36V 5% ≤12W
  • Product size 245 (D) * 190 (W) * 71 (V) mm
  • Operating temperature / humidity -20 ~ 85 ℃ / ≤80%
  • Product weight 2800 g

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