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Spare parts CASSENS & PLATH

  • To make an order for CASSENS & PLATH parts, contact your account manager or email sales@cirspb.ru the service department service@cirspb.ru
  • For questions, please call: in St. Petersburg (+7 812) 679-09-10 and 79045531441,
  • Petrozavodsk (+7 8142) 57-80-30 and (+7 8142) 57-00-03.

Compass Binnacles

Serial number Name
10130 Reflection mirror, black and white w. frame, with fixing knobs
10131 Mirror of optical by-pass, rectangular, w. frame
10140  Arrest knob of mirror head
10081 Mirror head or wheelhouse unit, cpl. w. extension tube and mirror
10151 Extension tube for mirror head of reflection tube
11160 Reflection tube cpl., extendable, with mirror head, less 1 m length
11161 Reflection tube cpl., extendable, with mirror head, between 1 m and 2.5 m
11162 Reflection tube cpl., for by-pass, not extendable, with mirror head
10180 Lead-in tube, up to 0.5 m or reflection tube without mirror head and extension tube
10190 Lead-in tube, up to 1 m or reflection tube without mirror head and extension tube
10200 Lead-in tube, up to 1.5 m or reflection tube without mirror head and extension tube
10210 Lead-in tube, up to 2 m or reflection tube without mirror head and extension tube
10211 Fixing flange for lead-in or reflection tube
10212 Flange for reflection tube through ceiling
10230 Optical lens, 115 mm dia. for reflector optic
10240 Optical lens, 150 mm dia. for reflector optic
10260 Frame for reflection optic lens 115 mm dia.
10270 Frame for reflection optic lens 150 mm dia.
10290 Hood without glass window for Reflecta/1 to .../5
10300 Hood with glass window for Reflecta/1 to .../5
10310 Hood with glass window and oil lamp
10320 Rim ring without compass suspension
10330 Compass suspension, 1 pair, PTFE
10360 Heeling corrector arrangement (magnet, tube, chain)
10370 Heeling magnet, 50 mm
10390 Heeling magnet, 125 mm
10430 B+C bar magnet (ISO)
10540 D-sphere, weak iron, 180 mm dia, 1 piece
10550 Bracket for D-sphere, 1 piece
10580 Brass tube for flinder ?s bar
10590 Plastic cover for flinder ?s bar
10601 Wooden spacers, 4 pieces of different length for flinder’s bar
10602 Weak iron cylinder, 305 mm for flinder’s bar
10603 Weak iron cylinder, 152 mm for flinder’s bar
10604 Weak iron cylinder, 76 mm for flinder’s bar
10605 Weak iron cylinder, 38 mm for flinder’s bar
10606 Set of weak iron cylinder, 4 pcs., 305 mm, 152 mm, 76 mm, 38 mm for flinder’s bar .............
10640 Flinder ?s bar cpl., with tube, cover, 4 iron pieces, 4 wooden pieces, upper/lower bracket
10650 Bracket, upper and lower cpl. for flinder ?s bar, new version
10632 Illumination for binnacle, Reflecta/4 and .../5
10634 Illumination for binnacle, cpl., Reflecta/1,.../2 & .../3
10460 Fastening material, bolt.
10470 Fastening material, washer .


Serial number Name
13010 Pivot for flat top compasses
13020 Pivot with azimuth pin for spherical compasses                                                                         
13030 Jewel
13040 Jewel fixture ring, brass
13060 Fixture ring for card assemblies 
13070 Jewel column
13150 Illumination (bulb) f. binnacle E14/40VA
13160 Illumination element f. spherical compasses
13170 Bracket for Illumination element
13200 White plastic gasket, per metre
13210 Rubber gasket, ready
13220 Rubber gasket, per metre
39012 Compass fluid, per litre
13300 Filling screw with gasket
13301 Gasket for filling screw
13309 NG illumination cpl. f.compass MERKUR/VENUS
13310 NG Compass fluid, per litre
13311 NG Rubber diaphragm (Membrane)
13312 NG Rubber gasket, ready
13313 NG Directional system, 180 mm 
13314 NG Filling screw with gasket
13315 NG Hood for binnacle NAVIPOL
13316 NG D-Sphere for Navipol binnacle (#10540)
13317 NG Pivot


FLAT TOP Compasses

Serial number Name
14010 Scale ring for Type/11, .../12
14020 Scale ring for Type/21
14040 Cover glass without hole (top, bottom)                                                                                      
14052 Centre piece only
14150 Cover ring, top or bottom
14080 External gimble axle, 1 piece
14081 Intern gimble axle, 1 piece
14100 Gimble ring f. Type/11, .../12, .../21
16901 Mirror arrangement with lens and mirror for overhead compasses


Spherical compasses

Serial number Name
16020 Glass dome for Delta
16030 Glass dome for Zeta, Iota                                                                                                            
16060 Perspex dome cpl. with centre piece for Sigma
16140 Spherical bowl w. fortification ring f. Zeta, Iota, without cover ring
16131 External bowl/binnacle of Beta
16132 External bowl/binnacle of Delta
16141 External bowl/binnacle of Zeta
16300 Cover ring, ready (Beta, Delta, T12)
16310 Cover ring, ready (Iota)
16400 Half gimbled swing (Beta, Delta) 
16410 Half gimbled swing (Iota) 
16442 Gimbled swing (Iota BSH or International)) 
16900 Mirror arrangement with mirror, lens f. spherical overhead compasses


Directional systems card assemblies

Serial number Name
18020 Directional system cpl., 180 mm dia., Type/11,.../12                                                             
18030 Directional system cpl., 160 mm dia., Type/21
18040 Directional system cpl., 140 mm dia.
18050 Directional system cpl., 120 mm dia., Beta
18060 Directional system cpl., 100 mm dia., T12, Delta, Delta Pilot, Lifeboat Comp
18070 Directional system cpl., 80 mm dia., Zeta
18090 Directional system cpl., Iota
18110 Directional system cpl., Sigma
18130 Card 180 mm dia., N/N or N/S
18140 Card 160 mm dia., N/N or N/S
18150 Card 140 mm dia.
18160 Card 120 mm dia.
18170 Card 100 mm dia.
18180 Card 80 mm dia.
18210 Float for card 180 (Ringma 1), Typ/11, Typ/12
Float for card 160 - 140 (2-3) >1,9 Am2, Typ/21
Float for card 100, 120 (2-3) <1,4 Am2, flat, T12, Beta, Delta, Delta-Pilot
Float for card 100 (4) abt. 0,7 Am2, Bootskompass, Iota, Zeta
18250 Float for card 80 - 60 (quasi ring)



Serial number Name
40203 Wooden Box, dark or light, with foam                                                                                     
45250 Sextant clamp in case cpl.
45900 Clamp f. 2nd telescope in sextant case
40050 Index arm cpl., without housing f. tangent screw
40165 Sextant leg, ready
40361 Micrometer drum, scale
40362 Finger lever, fixed part
40513 Horizon mirror, all types, 58 mm dia -0,2 mm
40511 Horizon mirror frame cpl.
40514  Index mirror, rectangular, 58 x42mm -0,2 mm
40512 Index mirror frame cpl.
40537 Mirror spring and screw
40800 Horizon shade assembly w. mounting block cpl.
40810 Index shade assembly w. mounting block cpl.
40831 Shade, glass only (pol. filter, too), (I to IV) 40mm or 50mm dia
40710 Shade glass with frame, circular, (I-III)
40740 Shade glass with frame, rectangular, (I-IV)
43050 Astigmatizing lense, glass only
40205 Rubber Eye piece
40880 Sextant handle without illumination
40920 Sextant handle with illumination
40883 Battery covver with tripot socket
40881 Pillar, short
40882 Pillar, long
40941 Illumination, bulb frame & wire cpl.
40951 Illumination frame


Pelourus, azimuth device

Serial number Name
19500 Black mirror of azimuth device                                                                                                
19510 Spring for black mirror


Electronic compasses

Serial number Name
20100 Magnetic detector CP/101 for electronic magnetic compasses                                       
20110 Bracket mounting for CP/101
20200 Magnetic detector CP/102 for T.M.C
20300 CPcube (CP/dome)
20400 Main PCB for all instruments, with parts
20623 Electronic-box for exchange, no indicator
20310 Resolver for VARIOcourse 
20320 Driving motor for VARIOcourse
20410 Connector plug PCB
20621 Mnitor cpl. for CAMcourse
20622 Camera for CAMcourse with mounting


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