Warning device PO-10/24

Warning device PO-10/24
PO-10/24 - an alarm device with a power of 10 W is part of the set number 3 of the command and broadcast system "OKA". PO-10/24 comply with the requirements of the Russian River Register and is intended for the transmission of service orders (alerts) and siren signals to open spaces (decks) when powered by a 24 V DC source.

The alarm device PO-10/24 is operated at a temperature of -10 to +40 ºС - for components installed in rooms and from -30 to +55 ° C - for components installed in open areas at a relative humidity of 95% at 35 ° C. PO-10/24 has a degree of protection IP44.

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Warning device PO-10/24

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