'OKA' Set №3

'OKA' Set №3
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'OKA' Set №3

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"OKA" Set №3 - represents a command and a broadcast unit adapted to broadcast communications and on small vessels river craft. It provides transfer service orders on the open deck of "Tr1" line and in the residential / office space for "GR2" line. The "GR2" line can use the acoustic systems of the source of broadcasting with priority of service orders. Thus, to transmit a signal to the siren and open spaces provide a simplex communication line "connection with the subscriber in a closed room." It is possible to operate in salt fog conditions. "OKA" HLC is resistant to vibrations and shock loads. The device is made in a cast aluminum housing. Moreover, work with the equipment does not require special preparation. Maintenance and repair of equipment should be done by personnel with medium technical training.

The equipment of "OKA" meets the requirements of the Russian River Register.

The set of OKA №3 includes:
  • Remote control PU-3B (transmission service orders via lines "Tr1", "GR2", the transmission signal of the siren "Tr1" line, as well as simplex communication with the subscriber indoors);
  • The device of translation and communication PTS (Connection of a source of a direct current (storage battery) and amplification of sound signals);
  • Microphone set МТ-2 (Simplex connection from the closed premise (engine room));
  • Apparatus notification PO-10/12 and PO-10/24 (Transfer service orders with shumostoykogo microphone MK-7 and siren signal controlled by external 'Tr1' line button when powered by DC voltage source, respectively 12 and 24);
  • Specifications:
  • The
  • The output voltage is 9 ± 3 mV
  • Rated output voltage - 30 V
  • The coefficient of nonlinear distortion in the frequency range from 300 to 3500 Hz is not more than 2%
  • The signal-to-interference ratio is -46 dB
  • Degree of protection - IP44

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