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Fleetbroadband and Inmarsat registration

Fleetbroadband and Inmarsat registration

List of documents required for registration of Fleetbroadband and Inmarsat.

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The cursor and other control devices

The cursor is usually steered by a tracker ball or touch pad in order to:

  • Plot WPs and to mark or change them.
  • Make measurements on electronic charts. ECDIS requires that the same operations that are performed on paper charts can also be performed on electronic charts, such as reading off courses, measuring distances and plotting fixes using latitude and longitude.
  • Gather additional information on a highlighted object.


Cursor in some ECS

     Cursor position icon according to S-52

 Reference point icon according to S-52


The cursor readings can be displayed in several ways

  Cursor information parameters. 4 = bearing to. 5 = range. 6 = ETA. 7 = latitude and longitude of the position marked  by the cursor


 Manufacturers may offer special keyboards and control units 

  Keyboard with special keypads and tracker bal

When the cursor is used for measurement, the system will display the cursor position and its distance and bearing from the vessel, as well as the time remaining to the target at unaltered speed.

This information will be found at different locations depending on the manufacturer: in a special window, or over or under. - It is essential to see the difference between the position of the ship and the position of the cursor when the ship 's position is included in an emergency message.

The Navigator needs to be used to the funcitons of the navigation system before taking over the watch.

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