Loudspeaker DNH H-44 (T)

DNH H-44 (T) - is a horn type speaker, suitable for use in any environment. Designed for installation in open spaces and installation in tight spaces thanks to small dimensions. Installation is carried out by means of a U-shaped bracket. The loudspeaker has a nominal capacity of 6 W and 100 W. translational lines used in public address system.
Case H-44 (T) is made of a durable material capable of withstanding high humidity, dust and aggressive chemical environments, and a wide range of temperatures.
Loudspeaker DNH H-44 (T)
  • Mounting - Bracket
  • Weight - 0.59 kg
  • Protection Class - IP-67
  • Working temperature - 150 ° C -50 ° C
  • Power Rating - 6W
  • Maximum power - 10 watts
  • Sound pressure level (W 1 / m 1) - 101 dB
  • Sound pressure level (rated power) - 107 dB
  • Frequency Response - 300 - 20000 Hz

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