Connecting the Koden 2900 series radar to the GK


Connecting the Koden 2900 series radar to the GK

Connection of the radar Koden 2900 series to the gyrocompass is carried out as follows:
from the description:
5.2. Entering the initial value of the course
1. Look and remember the course readings on the gyrocompass connected to the instrument;
2. Press the [1] key on the transducer keyboard; you will be prompted to enter the value of the course:
3. Enter the value of the course using the number keys and the decimal point [.];
4.Press [ENTER] The screen returns to the current compass rate and lag speed display mode, the buzzer stops. If you need to edit, delete the last character of the input value, you can use the [CLEAR] key. The [.] And [CLEAR] keys are entered in the upper case, then pressing [.] Switches the register to the lower one automatically, and pressing [CLEAR] remains in the upper register. Use the [SHIFT] key to change the case. Visually, the status of the register is determined by the state of the cursor: - the flashing cursor with the familiarity of the light - the lower register; - unblinking (underline) - upper.
Attention!All the configurable options are stored in permanent memory, and after disconnecting / powering on they are not changed. The gyro compass and the distance traveled are reset to zero. For correct operation of the device, it is necessary to enter a new current value of the course from the connected compass. Note: - In this setting mode, you can enter a floating-point number with one decimal place of tenths of a fraction. If you try to enter an incorrect value (more than 359.9), the number will be ignored. - If the operator is idle and the unuse timeout option is set (in the 5c, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s except OFF), the mode automatically switches from the input mode to the course and speed view mode without changing any options. - The selected options are saved only after pressing [ENTER].
Example: To enter a value of 320.3 degrees, press [1] [3] [2] [0] [SHIFT] [.] [3] [ENTER] to enter the value of 320.3 and replace the last digit with 6: [ 1] [3] [2] [0] [SHIFT] [.] [3] [SHIFT] [CLEAR] [SHIFT] [6] [ENTER].

In case of problems with the keyboard Koden MRO-105 (does not display HDG), you need to use the brief instructions below:
  • First of all, you should check the connection - the cable has not moved.
  • It requires understanding where the data comes from: gyroconverter or directly gyrocompass (NMEA output).
In the case of displaying course data only on the radar:
  • Most likely, the problem in the gyroconverter is often the ADPC-101 or its analogs. If this gyroconverter shows a "?" Sign before the value of the course, then coordination is required. Usually, data is lost when power is lost.  
  • If the problem in the gyrocompass is to be ascertained in the operation of the GC, and also to check the correctness of the radar connection. 
Connecting the Koden 2900 series radar to the GK

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