Wall Speaker CW-4

Wall Speaker CW-4
CW-4 - is a speaker cabinet wall type, with a capacity of 6 watts. It has a frequency response 140-20000 Hz. Recommended for installation in offices or other enclosed spaces. Designed to work in the system of transmission of the speakerphone. Enclosure cabinet speaker CW-4 is made in the traditional classic design of wooden materials. Installation is carried out by means of special screws and holes for suspension.
Wall Speaker CW-4
  • Material - chipboard
  • Color - Walnut
  •  Weight - 1.25 kg
  • Operating temperature range - 90 ° C -40 ° C
  • Power Rating - 6W
  •  Max Power - 8 Watt
  • Sound pressure level (1W / 1m) - 90 dB
  • Sound pressure level (rated power) - 97 dB
  • Frequency range - 150-20000 Hz

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