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Ship power plant control system PPM-300

PPM-300 is a power distribution, control and generator protection device designed for operation in marine weather conditions. The PPM-300 has a wide range of applications, from simple generator set control and protection to fully integrated and engineered power management systems designed for economical operation.

The PPM-300 system's color graphic display provides quick access to live data. The indicator lights of the display unit are visible from a long distance. The operator can use the screen to manage alarms. With the appropriate authority, he can also check or change the data I / O configuration. The display processor supports all languages.

  • Supply voltage: 12 or 24 V DC;
  • Measuring voltage (nominal value): 100-690 V AC;
  • Measuring current (nominal value): 1 or 5 A AC;
  • Frequency: 35-78 Hz;
  • Protective performance: IP 20
  • Ambient temperature: -40 ˚ С .... + 70 ˚ С

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