ZETFON 300/310

ZETFON 300/310
Electric whistle ZETFON designed for boats up to 75 meters. Consists of a sound device ZETFON and control unit / amplifier Control box. Control unit / amplifier Control box contains all the necessary electronic components, including heavy transformer. Installed in the wheelhouse for ease of access necessary components. Anticondensation heater motor is included as standard. Reliable and organized mechanism, requires no maintenance, the recommended test membrane and compression springs not more than 1 time in 24 months. Operation at t to - 60 ° C during the installation of the heating element for heating the horn (optional). 
The kit whistle ZETFON 120 / 330K and ZETFON 50 / 650K except the control unit / amplifier includes alarm button to beep. 
For model ZETFON 400/310 control unit / power line item ordered. 
Material: cast aluminum alloy, resistant to corrosion and sea water, gear pinions are made without the use of plastic - wear resistant steel 
Operating Temperature Range: -25 ° to +60 °, with a heating element mounted speaker to - 60 ° C 
Approval: RMRS, PPP, BSH, NMD, RINA, CCS, etc. 
Special version: 
for warships - non-magnetic materials, anti-vibration mounts, stainless steel, full motor protection from vibration; 
for ships Arctic class - heating element horn whistle.
  • ZETFON 300/310, basic unit, 24 V DC
  • ZETFON 300/310, with loudspeaker, 24 V DC
  • ZETFON 300/310, with heating, 24 V DC
  • ZETFON 300/310, with loudspeaker + heating, 24 V DC
  • ZETFON 300/310 - mains adaptor, 24 VDC to 230 VAC 1phase

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ZETFON 300/310

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