Electric whistle Zet-Horn 141 AC

Electric whistle  Zet-Horn 141 AC
Electric whistle ZET-HORN designed for vessels with a length of 75 - 200 meters or more. Typhon piston type with controlled three-phase AC motor, for use in a standard network.
Inside sound radiator air vibrates in resonance and produces clear sound with a wide range of hearing on the background of noise on board, this is achieved by oscillating movement of the piston located within the cylinder. Oscillatory movements occur with some frequency. High-quality sound from ZET-Horn applies with a maximum delay of up to 0.15 seconds. Sound intensity in 1/3 - octave band at a distance of 1m is 138 dB. For ZET-Horn 141 AC sound frequency 140 Hz for ZET-Horn 131 AC sound frequency 130 Hz.
Thanks to the reliable construction and maintenance of oiled machine requires no more than 1 time in 3-6 months. The standard electric whistle Zet-Horn include anticondensation heating element and a control unit Control Box 4476.1. Typhon can withstand temperature changes from -25 to +60 degrees. ZET-Horn The horn is made of cast Aluminum alloy, corrosion resistant and sea water, toothed gears are made of wear-resistant steel without the use of plastic.
ZET-Horn approved: RMRS, BSH, NMD, RINA, CCS.
  ZET-Horn 141 AC
Ship length 75<200 m
Cable ?15/ ?18,8
Frequency 140 Hz
Sound intensity 138 dB
motor heating 250 W
no. BSH 4615/6021097/09
Protection type IP 56
Weight 62 kg


  • RMRS
  • RRR
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Electric whistle Zet-Horn 141 AC

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