Electric typhon TF-20

Electric typhon TF-20
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Electric typhon TF-20

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Electric typhon TF-20 is a signal-sound device intended for operation on vessels up to 20 meters in length. It operates at a frequency of 630 Hz with sound pressure injected at a level of one-third of an octave band at a distance of 1 m-115 dB in a wide temperature range. The device is made of materials resistant to corrosion caused by sea water. It is easy to install and operate. Equipped with a button to turn on typhon; relay for typhoon button connection; set of operational documentation. 

Approved by RMRS. At the request of the customer in addition to the scope of supply, the mounting housing of the button for typhon, the control of typhon control and the protective cover are included.


  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Maximum power consumption: 336 Watts.
  • Frequency 630 Hz
  • Operating temperature range -30 ... + 55 C
  • Sound pressure level: 115 dB

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