SS 3D Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Single

Sensor 3D Mortise Steel  StructureScan 3D Transducer Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Single.
It has an additional set of ceramic elements that receive electrical signals, but cannot send them.

Technical details:
  • Resistant to electrical loads
  • Designed for boats with steep or variable noise levels
  • SideScan & DownScan Imaging Technologies and 3D Image Processing Technologies
  • Exclusive 3-channel beam
  • Works with the LSS-2 Navico module
Compatible with Navico LSS-2 module.

Useful articles

INFO: 12-channel GPS receivers

INFO: 12-channel GPS receivers

The creation of 12-channel, or parallel, receivers currently produced by Lowrance, Garmin and, more recently, Magellan, this problem has already been resolved.