Radar transponder Jotron Tron SART20 (9 GHz)

Jotron Tron SART20

Jotron Tron SART20
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Radar transponder Jotron Tron SART20 (9 GHz) intended for use in search and rescue operations at sea and the river. Tron SART20 transmits a response signal to any blizlezhaschemusudna and aircraft equipped with X-band radar. Radar transponder as well for use in lifeboats and rafts.
Easy installation on board the vessel and light activation of emergency do Jotron Tron SART20 convenient for vessels of any type. Equipment complies with SOLAS and IMO. Has approvals RMRS and RRR.
Weight: 482 g
Case Material: Polycarbonate with 10% glass fiber
Frequency: X-band (3 cm) (9.2 - 9.5 GHz)
Radiated power:> 400 mW eirp (+26 dBm)
Receiver sensitivity: better than -50 dBm ers
Trip delay: Max 0.5 ms
Operational temperature range from -20 C to + 55 C
Storage: -30 C to + 65 C
Battery: Lithium safe
Lifecycle: 96 hours standby + 8 hours of continuous operation when activating the radar with 1 kHz at -20 C.
Standards IEC 61097-1; IEC 60945; IMO A.802 (19); IMO A.694 (17)

Certificate RRR
'Tron SART20'
Certificate RMRS
'Tron SART20'
 'Tron SART20'
 'Tron SART20'

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