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Transmitter Automatic identification system for search and rescue purposes (AIS SART) AS- 77 is designed for marine use as emergency equipment .
AIS SART AS- 77 is a stand-alone radio device that is used for the detection of the rescue boats or vessels in distress . Principle of operation AIS SART AS- 77 is the continuous administration reports its location using standard Automatic Identification System (AIS ) Class A
AIS SART AS- 77 synchronizes the time and determines the coordinates using vsroenogo receiver GPS. Position is transmitted every minute in the form of a series of eight identical messages about the location (four 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz for four ) . This arrangement creates a high probability that messages will be received.
Operating frequencies : A1S 1 -161.975 MHz (Ch. 2087 ); A1S2- 162, 025 MHz (Ch. 2088 ) .
Radiated Power: 1 watt.
Operating Temperature Range: -20 ° C -+55 ° C.
Storage temperature range : -30 ° C -+70 ° C.
Continuous working time: at least 96 hours in operation.
Supply Voltage: 7.2 V DC.
Built-in power supply : NBT100/Lithium Thionyl Chloride (U-S0C12) ER34615M 2x3.6VDC, 13.0Ah.

What otlichasetya AIS SART (AS- 77) from the SART SART:

Parameter name Normal SART SART AIS SART AS-77
Frequency band 9.2-9.5 GHz Channel A, 165 MHz 
The presence of built-in GPS No Yes. Built-in 12-channel 
Detection Range Depends on the size of the target.From 15 to 30 miles, depending on the installation altitude Radar 9 GHz., As well as the product itself; (25 miles) target detection range, regardless of its size. 
Activation Manual / from the radar Manual 
Transfer coordinates No Yes 
Influence of weather Yes. Bad weather (storm, storm), target acquisition radar difficult, because in both cases the possibility of reverse deteriorating reception reflected the purpose of active radio. No. Working element AIS - no object board as in the case of radar, and the antenna of the transponder. 
Detection of obstacles for No. Reflected from the obstacle obscures the true purpose Yes. Opportunity to discover the purpose behind any obstacle, especially since the passage of radio waves used by the system, allow them to bend around such.
Reception coast station No  Yes 
Running time In standby mode - 96 hours; 
Time mode active radar Answer - 8:00 (from standby reserve); 
In standby mode 96 hours. 
response to the active mode: 8 hours (96 hours after the sleep!)
Batteries Lithium  Lithium 


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