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RESCUER 2 SART - is a radar transponder operating at 9GGts in X-Band range. It is used as an aid in the search and rescue aircraft and ships. It meets the requirements of SOLAS and IMO.
RESCUER 2 SART is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Installing SART carried out in accordance with the requirements that all vessels with a gross tonnage of 300 gross tons must have at least one radar transponder, and the gross tonnage of 500 register tons, a minimum of 2 SART as passenger ships.
The principle of operation of the device is the automatic transmission with the exact coordinates of the vessel signal distress. The signal is transmitted to the vessel and is pleased to be displayed on the radar screens of other vessels in the form of 12 bright dots that are located at an equal distance from each other, which shows the location of the RESCUER 2 SART and direction to it. Standby mode radar transponder is 96 hours. This mode is achieved through special energy-saving system. System operation is activated when receiving SART signal from the radar and return to standby mode, saving energy for the device resources. Moreover, RESCUER 2 SART has a built-in LED indicator and audible buzzer to alert the vessel in distress, that their defendant was seen and rescue operation has begun.
RLS ensures reliable operation in any environment. It has a compact and lightweight body. It has a buoyancy and water resistance to a depth of 10 meters.
  • Operating frequency - 9.2 - 9.5 GHz
  • Polarization - horizontal
  • Antenna height - not less than 1 m
  • The duration of standby time - 96 hours
  • Continuous operation - 8:00
  • Operating Temperature - -20 C + 55 C
  • SART Weight - 360 g
  • Dimensions - 283 x 101 x 90 mm

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