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SafeSea S100 - is a radar transponder designed for the distress signal and assistance to vessels, providing search and rescue operations. It works in X-band. Meets IMO resolution, according to which, any vessels with a gross tonnage of more than 300 tonnes, shall be equipped with at least one (1) search and rescue transponder (SART). Vessels with a gross tonnage of more than 500 tonnes, shall be equipped with two (2) defendants. And one SART should be in each survival craft. Compact size and light weight make it easy to complete the data of SART lifeboats. The device is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters.
S100 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
The device is designed to equip the lifeboats and rafts. S100 is a harmless explosion-proof battery, which has a high rate of efficiency and shelf life of 5 years. After product activation, the defendant is in standby mode as long as it receives a signal from the X-band radar from a nearby vessel. SafeSea S100 broadcasts on the radar screen a bright mark, consisting of 12 points radially arranged.
Package Included:
  • Radar Transpoder
  • Bracket
  • Telescopic console
  • User guide
  • Frequency range - 9.2-9.5 GHz
  • The radiation power -> 26 dBm
  • Battery life - 96 hours of standby time and 12 hour response time
  • Operating Temperature Range - -20 C + 55 C
  • Dimensions - 227x65 mm
Certificate RMRS
Ocean Signal S100

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