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NavCom SRS-303VZR

NavCom SRS-303VZR
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VHF radio station NavCom SRS-303VZR - is the explosion-proof VHF radio station  allowed for use in explosive environments, including on oil tankers and ships equated to them in explosive areas with explosion protection level "explosion-proof electrical equipment", is intended for the organization of dispatch and radio communication with between inland and mixed vessels. The radio station can be located on the outer deck, as well as in the interior of ships and allows you to work on the move.The explosion-proof portable VHF radiotelephone station NavCom СРС-303VZR has the explosion protection level "explosion-proof electrical equipment" and can be used in accordance with the explosion protection marking 1 Ех mb ib IIB T4 Gb X.

The radio station is manufactured and tested under the technical supervision of the Russian River Register.

- Switching communication channels
- Switching the transmitter power
- Light indication of the operating channel
- Squelch with adjustment
- VOX function
- Indication of the transmission mode
- Scanning for two and three channels
- Scanning all communication channels
- Indication of high transmitter power
- Key pressing sound
- Key lock
- Select display backlight colors
- Quick switch to "5" communication channel
- Menu selection
- IP67 protection level
- SOS signal


Frequency range, MHz 300.0125 ... 300.5125
336.0125 ... 336.5125
Explosion protection marking 1 Ex mb ib IIB T4 Gb X
Emission class G3E
Transmitter carrier power, W, no more 2 (low power - 1)
Deviation of the transmitter frequency from the nominal value, no more 7 x 10-6
Maximum deviation of the transmitter frequency, kHz, no more ± 5
Nonlinear distortion factor of the transmitter,%, not more 7
Receiver sensitivity at a signal-to-noise ratio of 12 dB (SINAD), μV, no more 1.0
Adjacent channel selectivity, dB, not less 70
Side channel selectivity, dB, not less 70
Frequency separation between channels, kHz 25
Rated supply voltage, V 7.4V
The current consumed by the radio station:
- in transmission mode at max. out. power, no more, A;              
- in transmission mode when down. power, no more, A;              
- in standby mode at max. volume, no more, A




Overall dimensions of the radio station, without antenna (LxWxH), mm 147x60x55
Radio station weight, no more, kg 0,4
Accumulator battery 1400 mAh, Li-ion
Working temperature, ⁰С -20 ... +55
Storage temperature, ⁰С -20 ... +55
Degree of protection IP 67

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