Universal repeater UR

Universal repeater UR - designed to visualize information in the NMEA format of sentences from various ship systems, for use on sea and river vessels.

The product can be used as:

• gyrocompass repeater;
• echo sounder repeater;
• GPS repeater;
• repeater of a meteorological sensor or a wind sensor.


  • Informational interface with equipment via two asynchronous, serial, galvanically isolated RS-422 ports (with support for the NMEA standard), and one Ethernet 10/100 Mbit / s port;
  • Receiving data from each of the three ports (in NMEA format), in accordance with Appendix A;
  • Visualization on the screen of the product of information received on all ports in graphic and digital form;
  • Possibility of cyclic change of 6 information screens;
  • The ability to manually adjust the brightness level of the screen from the settings menu;
  • Possibility to configure port speed from the settings menu;
  • The ability to switch to the terminal mode, and view the incoming data, with the choice of the port to which they come.

The device is made in a painted metal case, on the back of which, under the protective part of the case, there are: a port for connecting a power cable, ports for a serial RS-422/232 interface, USB 2.0 type B ports for connecting removable media and a LAN port for connecting a cable communication. On the front panel of the device there is a color 10-inch LCD display for displaying visual information and control is organized in the form of a capacitive touch panel

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