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Unicont DR-309-2B

Two kartoshechny DF repeater DR-309-2B is used as a repeater information about the course of the vessel, coming from the gyrocompass, girokursoukazateley or others. navigation systems, digital interface RS232/422 standard NMEA (IEC 61162). repeater when used in conjunction with an optical direction finder (eg, PGK-2) allows you to define complex bearings of terrestrial objects or celestial objects visible from the ship.

General characteristics:
  • Dimensions 285 x 238 x 210 mm 
  • Protection class IP 67 
  • Storage temperature -55. . +70 C. 
  • Operating temperature -20. . +55 C 
  • Weight ~ 17 kg 
Electrical Characteristics: 
  • Supply voltage 10. .36 VDC 
  • Power consumption not exceeding 20 W

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