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DGR360 Digital Gyro Repeater

DGR 360 is a digital gyro repeater that displays the Heading Angle in the LED segment display and indicates the Direction of Turn with 30 dual-color surrounding LED’s, changing from green to red colour depending on the direction of turn.

Power supply DC: 20-32 V
Power consumption 2 W at 24 V
Display 1 line with 7 segments 30x20 mm
Display outputs
  • Heading (HDT, THS) from gyro compass or other HDT/THS devices
  • Analogue indication of turn direction speed (red/green LEDs)
Standard cable length 2 m
Compass safe distance 65 cm
Cut-out dimensions 190x158 mm. Bracket or panel mounting
Front plate 220x170 mm
Depth 63 mm
Weight cabinet 2 kg
Protection IP 56
Output NMEA 0183
  • NMEA 0183 protocols. Sentence: $-HDT, $-THS
  • Remote dimmer input, pulse
Classification IEC 60945/2002
Service Available in most major harbours, world-wide through extensive dealer network

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