Amesys GA 120

GA 120 is an analog repeater of speed and distance traveled (scale -2 / + 16 or -3 / + 24) manufactured by Amesys. This repeater is made in a waterproof case with dimensions 144 x 144 mm, it can be installed on the outer panel. GA 120 is an optional component of the electromagnetic lags of the CALYPSO series.

Amesys GA 120 displays the following information:
  • Speed ​​in digital and pseudo-analog format in steps of 1/20 knots.
  • Distance with reset: in increments of 1/10 miles.
  • Power supply: 24 V -10% - 130%
  • Disconnections are made through terminals and an epiploon, it is possible to connect up to 5 repeaters.

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