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Lowrance 3G BB Radar KIT

The Lowrance 3G radar BBRadar designed for installation on small and medium vessels and is characterized by a large range. The precise definition and separation of targets even at close distances where it matters most, provides confidence when navigating. Detail view of proximal space amounts to approximately 0,031 nautical miles.

An important feature is the ability to identify goals, while eliminating dead zones. Present progressive noise reduction system. Instant start eliminates the need settings.

Maximum threshold range reaches up to 24 nautical miles. When storm value is – 17.

The radar radiation is extremely small (comparable to a share of the fifth power of the mobile phone). Harmful radiation beyond the housing. Therefore, the amount of power consumed is reduced, which leads to increased installation and high security use.

The maximum range

24 miles

The minimum radius of the action  

1/32 nautical miles  

Transmitter output power

165 mW


488 mm


7.4 kg




280 mm

Water resistant


Start time

16 seconds



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Appendix- Components List
Master compass ( MKM022 )