Intelliko iPW MVS-1909/06

Intelliko iPW MVS-1909/06
Intelliko iPW MVS-1909/06
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Intelliko iPW MVS-1909/06

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The Intelliko iPW MVS-1909/06 power supply is made in an aluminum alloy casing and painted in gray using powder - polymer technology. According to the degree of protection from environmental influences, the power source is manufactured in the IP53 version. The ~ 220V power supply and 24/12 voltage converter are made in the form of separate self-contained modules and are structurally combined into a single unit.

The power unit Intelliko iPW MVS-1909/06 is designed to provide uninterrupted power to electronic equipment, telemetry and automation, radio communications and communication repeaters with a constant constant voltage of 13.8 V and a current of up to 15A. It is used to work in the ship security video surveillance system Intelliko MVS-1909, certified by RMRS, PPP and MIA.

  • Input mains voltage constant 21-36V
  • Output voltage when exposed to all destabilizing factors 13.8 V ± 1%
  • Output current at least 15A 
  • Range of working ambient temperatures -25 o C +55 o C
  • Overall dimensions of the coupled sources by protruding parts - 245x204x110mm, 
  • weight not more than 3.7 kg.

Composition of GMDSS equipment 21.06.2017 Composition of GMDSS equipment
Composition of GMDSS equipment on board

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