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Power supply Diamond GSV-3000

The GSV-3000 is a power supply from Diamond, powered by a 220V AC mains supply. This PSU can provide a current of up to 30A, and when operating with alternating receive / transmit - 34A. The GSV-3000 is reliably protected against improper connection of polarity, short circuit and overcurrent. The power supply uses separate analog devices with backlighting to display current and voltage values.

The GS Diamond GSV-3000 has no noise on HF and VHF bands. The power supply is cooled by the built-in fan, whose rotation speed is adjustable depending on the load.

  • Power Supply;
  • User's manual;
  • Packaging.
  • Mains voltage 240 V 50 Hz
  • The level of ripple and noise is not more than 3 mV
  • Maximum continuous load current 30 A (Impact 34A)
  • Output voltage 5-15 Volts (Adjustable)
  • Transducer type - transformer
  • Voltage / current indication - analog
  • Dimensions 250x150x240 mm
  • Weight 10 kg

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