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Principle of operation BNWAS

Principle of operation BNWAS

Principle of operation BNWAS

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AIS SAAB R4 installation on ships without MMSI / IMO

The automatic identification system SAAB R4 contains information about the vessel, which includes:
  • MMSI number
  • IMO number
  • Callsign
  • Name of ship
  • Draft
  • Type of vessel
Shipowners of small vehicles, such as boats, face the problem of the lack of MMSI and IMO needed to operate the device.

IMO and MMSI settings in AIS SAAB R4 require a

USER PASSWORD (DEFAULT) password : user

Below is an instruction that will help you configure AIS:

  • Press the power button
  • Before the system configuration, the user must enter the engineering mode
- Press mode and "Config"
- The screen will display "Configuration mode"
- Change the mode to engineering "engineering mode ON"
  • Use (<>) to select "Yes" or "No" and press "enter"

To enter the "Ships / AIS static data":

  • Press the "Ships / AIS static data" softkey
  • To change the settings, click "Change settings"
  • When entering the MMSI / IMO number in the pop-up menu, you must enter a password.
  • After all the settings have been made, we exit through the "Apply and exit"

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