Power supply PSX 40A

Power supply PSX 40A
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Power supply PSX 40A

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Power supply PSX 40A - designed to operate in a single-phase AC network with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz with a voltage of 230V and is used to provide power supply with a stabilized voltage of 24V DC for various ship equipment. This product is equipped with an automatic shutdown of each of the 4 available outputs when the preset current is exceeded. The trip threshold is set by programming with a PC via RS422 interface. The power supply unit also has overload protection for the total output current consumption (total current consumption of all outputs) as in the analog version (total stabilization current 42A, in the event of a brief excess of the total current consumption above 42A),

The product is manufactured in a metal case with an existing grounding terminal. The casing has a bracket for mounting on a vertical bulkhead. On the front of the case there is a key switch for turning the unit on / off with a blue light indication, indicating the presence of the main power supply in the mode of operation of the power supply unit from the AC mains. Also on the front side there is a control panel with light indication (7 light indicators), which serves to display the operating modes of the power supply, including alarm signaling, and power supply controls, in the form of 4 buttons.





Output voltage

24V, stabilized


Maximum output current


Analog current limiting BP 42A.

The protection current at which the power supply stops working from the network is 40A.

Maximum set output current of single output protection operation


Disable the output, the consumption of which exceeds 30A (or the threshold set during configuration). Disabling a single output does not affect the operation of other outputs

At full load power

180 - 250


Partial load

170 - 250


Rated load current, A


The total current of all outputs is not more than 40A. Single output current no more than 30A

Output rated power, W



Maximum current consumed from the network

10 A

Specified at 220 V power supply.

Absolute range of output voltage ripple,%



Mains voltage, transfer of the unit to the battery

160 in

When the mains voltage reaches 175 V, the unit switches to mains operation




Backup power supply from battery, direct current, V



Alarm output

Audible alert from internal alarm source


Power factor



Backup voltage



Number of connected loads



Weight, kg

7.6 kg


Protection class



Working temperature, ° С

-15 ... + 55C


Limiting temperature, ° С

-60 ... + 75C