Power supply PSL 10A

Power supply PSL 10A
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Power supply PSL 10A

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The PSL 10A power supply unit is designed to operate in a single-phase AC network with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz with a voltage of 230 V / 110 V and is used to provide power supply with a stabilized voltage of 24 V DC to various ship equipment.

The product is made in a metal case. The casing has a bracket for mounting on a vertical bulkhead. On the front wall of the case there is an on (off) rocker switch with a red light indication of the presence of the main power supply when the switch is on.





Output voltage

24V, stabilized


Maximum output current


Analog current limiting 10 amperes.

Maximum set output current of single output protection operation


When the load current reaches 10A and above, the current protection is triggered, the power supply stops working.

To turn on the power supply, you must turn off and on the power supply.

At full load power

220V / 110V


Partial load

220V / 110V


Rated load current, A

10 A

The total current of all outputs is not more than 10A.

Single output current no more than 10A

Output rated power, W

240 watts


Maximum current consumed from the network

2A when powered by a 220v network, 4A when powered by a 110v network


Absolute range of output voltage ripple,%



Mains voltage, transfer of the unit to the battery


When the mains voltage reaches 180 V, the unit switches to mains operation




Backup power supply from battery, direct current, V

24 V


Alarm output

Dry contact

normally open, normally closed


Power factor



Backup voltage



Number of connected loads



Weight, kg

3.05 kg


Protection class



Working temperature, ° С

-15 ... + 55C


Limiting temperature, ° С

-60 ... + 75C



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