Product Fire Detectors System Sensor


Product Fire Detectors System Sensor

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Item Description
Annunciators series ESO1000
ИП 212-58 Smoke optoelectronic ESO1003 without base
ИП 101-23-A1R heat maximum-differential ESO1005 without base
ИП 212/101-2-A1R Combined (smoke / heat) ESO1002 without base
Е1000В base (socket) 2-wire
Е1000R Same with 1k resistor (or other under the order of 500 pcs.)
E412RL Base 4-wire, 12V, NC, n.o.
Е412NL Base 4-wire, 12V, NC, n.o. with samosbrosom
М412/М424  RL matching module, 12 / 24V, NC, n.o.
М412 NL matching module, 12V, NC, n.o., C samosbrosom
ЛТ Laser Tester (6 m) to ESO1000 detectors, profiles
ИПР-ПРО/  ИП535- 8 (MCP3A-R000SF) Fire detector manual NC, n.o. reusable (single order) element key and hardware included

Leonardo Detectors Addressable Fire series

At Leonardo series equipment are warranted for 5 years

ИП 212-60А smoke optoelectronic Leonardo-O without base
ИП 101-24А-A1R heat maximum-differential The Leonardo-T without base
ИП 212/101-3А-A1R Combined (smoke / heat) Leonardo-OF without base
B401L Base 2-wire for Leonardo Series
B401LI analogy with integrated short-circuit isolator 24V
АМ-99 Addressable Module 99 detectors Leonardo
МПДУ Multifunctional Remote programming and testing Office
ИКР Infra Red Repeater (without rod)
ПА Programmer Addresses
Self-adhesive labels for the numbering database (package of 50 pcs.)
* Suitable for series 100, 200, 400 and Pros

Intelligent fire detectors Series Profi                                                                                                       intelligent conventional detectors

ИП 212-73 Smoke optoelectronic PROS-O without base
ИП 101-31-A1R heat maximum-differential Profi-T without base
ИП 101-32-В Thermal maximum 78 ° C PROS-T78 without base
ИП 212/101-4-A1R Combined (smoke / heat), FROM PROS without base

The basic foundation for a series of 100,400 and profiles                                                     enable connection to any control panel

B401 Base 2-wire
B401R 1000/470 Same with 1k resistor or 470 ohms
B401RМ Same with 1k resistor and a niche for addressable modules
В401 DG An analog B401 DG for open wiring in a box
B301RU Base 2-wire to work with the control panel type PPK-2
B312RL Base 4-wire, 12V, NC, n.o.
B312NL Base 4-wire, 12V, NC, n.o., with samosbrosom

Mounting kits                                                                                                                                                                   for installing detectors

DH400 Mounting kit for control of air ducts for detectors series PROS, Leonardo, 100
ST-5 tubes for DH-400 duct 1.2 - 2.4m
SMK400 Box mounting bases for B401 / L / LI / R / RM, V301RU, E1000B / R E412RL / NL for surface mounting
RMK400 Fasteners for mounting bases B401 / L / LI / R / RM, in the false ceiling V301RU
WB-1 Mounting Kit for damp rooms. Suitable bases for the B401 / L / LI / R / RM, V301RU, E1000B / R, E412RL / NL
Smoke annunciators fire line
6500R Linear Smoke Detector pole (with a reflector on 5-70 m)
ИП212-125 (6500R) Replacing the detector 6500R
6500RS The same with the function of remote testing filter
ИП212-126 (6500RS) Detector Replacement 6500RS
BEAM-LRK Reflector for 6500 (required for the distance 70 - 100m)
6500SMK Mounting box for open wiring for 6500
6500MMK bracket 6500 on the wall or ceiling
6500RTS-KEY Remote control panel for 6500 (indicators of Fire and Fault, running the test and reset key), bill, white
RTS451 The remote control for 6500, DH400 (Fire indicator, running the test magnet, reset), mortise
RTS451 KEY analogue of RTS451 - running the test and reset key
BEAM-HK Warmer transceiver 6500 (optional)
BEAM-HKR Heater Reflector 6500 (optional)

Fire alarms

EMA1224B4R(W) dynamic siren sound 12 / 24V, red (white on order)
EMA24FSSR (W) combined siren (light / sound), a full-featured, red (white), under the order
EMA24R S2 R (A) siren light 2 W, a red filter (yellow)
EMA24R S5 R (A) siren light 5 watts, red (yellow) filter
ELPBR (W) Base red EMA Series low-profile, IP44, (under the white)
ESBR (W) Base Red Series EMA high profile, IP55, (white on order)
ESBRS (W) Base Red Series EMA high profile, IP66, (white) (optional)
DBS1224B4W siren dynamic ground 12 / 24V, white
DBSLIDR (W) plug (red) to the siren DBS (white on order)

Signs of an emergency exit

PF24V Sound pointer emergency exit ExitPoint
DSBBS-W Decorative box for ExitPoint

Fire alarm manual (FAM)

(вместо WG2001/SG)
FAM NC, n.o. reusable. (odnooraz.pod order). element key and hardware included, choice of colors - green, white, yellow or blue (on request)
(вместо WG2200/SG)
FAM contact with the dual group NO, NC Switched load 30VDS / 2A, color - green, white, yellow or blue (on request)
(вместо WR2072/SR- 470)
FAM nd with 470 Ohm resistor is reusable. (odnooraz.pod order) key and hardware included, red (or any other custom)
(вместо WR2061/SR- 470)
FAM nd with 470 Ohm resistor is reusable. (odnooraz.pod order) key and hardware included, with LED indicator, red (on request)
WCP3A-R000SF- S214-01 FAM NC, n.o. reusable. (One time upon request). element key and hardware included, the color red, IP67
ЕТТ/1 Flush base with contacts for MCP detectors
BZR frame mortise installation for MCP detector
PS200 Transparent protective cover for MCP
KG1x10 шт. Safe replacement glass for manual call points
KG1x50 шт. Same as 50 but bundled glass
P 014 Kabelevvod for WR4001, WR4001 IS (on request)
SC071 Terminal block for MCP / WCP (package 20 pieces)
SC070 Replacement key for MCP / WCP (package 20 pieces)

Detectors special applications                                                                                                                                       for hazardous areas

5451EIS Heat maximal differential intrinsically safe 1ExibIIBT4X, without base B401
(вместо WR2001/SRI.S.)
Detector Manual NZ, n.o.v intrinsically safe 1ExibIIBT4X
WCP3A-R000SF- S214-01IS detector manual NC, n.o.plastik intrinsically safe, IP67 1ExibIIBT4X
KFDO-CS-Ex1,51 separating unit KFD0-CS-Ex1,51 [Exib] IIB (analogue EXB- 2000 / P + F)
Accessories for fire detectors                                                                                                                                                  widest choice
MOD400R tester detectors 100, 400, 500 series of cable MOD45R
MOD45R Spare cable connector for MOD400R
EOLR-1 Relay terminal module 12 / 24V 4-wire loop (instead A77-716)
RA100Z (replacing RA400Z) Remote indicator mortise 7 mA, suitable for all detectors
WM2348 Boxing WM2348 for wall mounting RA400Z, RTS451, RTS451 KEY
XR-2 puller for low-profile detectors 100 and 200 series (without rod)
XR-5 puller detectors 400 and 500 series (without rod)
XR-1000 Remover for detectors series ESO1000 (without rod)
XR-L extractor series detectors Leonardo and profiles (excluding rods)
XP-4 Set of rods 3 according to 1.5m pullers and XR-2 XR-5
XP-3 telescopic rod length from 1.5 to 3m for strippers XR- L, XR-1000 and RBI
Aspirating Smoke Detectors
Ultrasensitive detectors LASD Series (Class A / B / C)
LASD-1 (A211E- LSR) Single-channel aspiration detector, controlled area of 1000 m ?, is possible to install a second meter
LASD-2 (A221E- LSR) Two-channel aspiration detector, controlled by an area of 2000 m ?
LASD-1-2 Same LASD-1 but with two optical density gauges
Aspirating Smoke Detectors
ASD-PRO channel aspiration detector with two sensors Pro-O-controlled area of 500 m ?
Accessories for aspiration detectors
02-0001-25 Tube diameter 25mm, 3m
02-1001-25 Direct jump to the pipe 25mm
02-1002-25 Move 90 degrees for 25mm pipe
02-1003-25 Move 45 degrees for 25mm pipe
02-1005-25 Removable transition for tube 25mm
02-1006-25 cap for 25mm pipe
02-1007-25 Tee for tube 25mm
02-1008-15 kit for capillary pipe 25 mm
02-1009-00 Tag pipe (tape 100 elements)
02-1010-00 clip open for 25 mm pipe
02-1110-00 clip closed for 25 mm pipe
02-FLU56 Replacement filter (thin) packing 10pcs
02-FLU53 Replacement filter (coarse) Packaging 10pcs
02-FLU54 Replacement filter for FLU2
02-FLU2 external filter for 25mm pipe


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