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Power supply NAVCOM Alfa-1 is designed to power the digital and analog equipment on vessels of any type. 
Power is supplied from the AC mains with a rated voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz. BP Alfa-1imeet overvoltage protection, short circuit and overload output current with automatic return to normal operation when the short circuit or overload. 
LED display allows you to inform the user about the status of BP Alfa-1. 
In NAVCOM Alfa-1 provides effective protection from industrial interference, allows you to connect to a power supply device containing sensitive input circuits (amplifier, radio receivers, etc.). 
  • Rated voltage input, 220 
  • Rated output voltage 12 V 
  • The maximum input current loop 100% 2 A 
  • Maximum output current 100% loop 8 A 
  • Ripple voltage, not more than 120 mV 
  • Operating temperature range -10 ... +40 C 
  • Overall dimensions of not more than (L x W x H) mm 293h224h68 
  • Weight, not more than 4 kg 
  • Efficiency, however, 70% 
  • Safe distance to magnetic compass, 0.4 m

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