Signal Automaton 10 + SGA

Signal Machine ZOLLNER Signal Automaton 10 + SGA - designed for automatic control signals. Compatible with all Typhon ZOLLNER. Provides of electronic bells and gong ZBG 110. The signals are transmitted via ZOLLNER Signal Automaton 10 + SGA warn of possible maneuvers, warning signals and general alarm 'to leave the ship.'
BSH is type approved and complies with Rule 34 (a, b, c) and 35 (a, b, c) COLREG 1972.
 Signal Automaton 10 + SGA supports both manual and automatic signaling. The system works in conjunction with one or two of Typhon, agile signal lantern and a separate control buttons, as well as with an electric bell and gong. The block is integrated dimmer to illuminate the keys and membrane keypad. It provides the ability to regulate the signaling intervals.
Reliable and robust housing made in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Meets modern requirements and technologies. Fairly simple to install and easy to maintain. Installation of the plug is provided by the type of connection and clamping stops.
It is recommended to set the Signal Automaton 10 + SGA in the central building control panel on the bridge.
  • Power - 115V / 230V at 1 V AC or 24V DC
  • Support 9 different signals in accordance with Rules 34 (a, b, c) and 35 (a, b, c) COLREGs 1972.
  • Degree of protection - IP23
  • Dimensions 144h144mm


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