R-filter F2

R-filter F2
F2 - is a compressed air filter. Designed to work in conjunction with Typhon MAKROFON series. Construction and operation of a fully meet the requirements of COLREG 1972 Annex III, IMO and USCG. The filter can significantly reduce air consumption, while maintaining the high intensity sound.
Compatible with Typhon:
  • M125/130
  • M125/160
  • ZM200/90
  • ZM200/110
Note that the filter must be replaced if there is any damage to the filter elements. To replace, unscrew the cap and remove the elements of the pliers. Before posting Typhon into the open air, lubricate it with a special protective coating.
  • Pressure - 40 bar
  • Weight - 1 kg
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R-filter F2

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