NAVTEX receiver NT-1800


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NT-1800 - is a ship's marine NAVTEX receiver. Allows simultaneous data reception on the frequencies 490 kHz and 518 kHz. The information is displayed on the 5.6 inch LCD display and output to the printer via the INS port. The receiver is equipped with a backlight consisting of white LED lamps. Fully complies with IMO resolution MSC.148 (77), IEC 61097-6 ed.2.
NT-1800 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
NT-1800 is made of high-tech plastic that is resistant to shock and RF interference. Receiver settings provide a choice of background color and font size. SAR messages are displayed in red color, which allows you to clearly distinguish them from other types of messages. NT-1800 memory is designed to store up to 200 messages (500 characters each) and 50 to secure messages. The set comes with a built-in whip antenna filter for each frequency bandwidth.
  • Power - 24 V DC
  • Operating frequency - 490 kHz and 518 kHz
  • Display Type - TFT LCD
  • Memory - 200 posts / 50 protected messages
  • Interface - 8pin data port, INS (RS-422) printer port (RS-232C)
  • Dimensions - 248 / 196h215 / 196h129 with / without bracket
  • Weight - 2400 g
Certificate RMRS

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