Sextan SNO-T

Sekstan - is a navigation instrument with an illuminator in a tropical-resistant design, designed to measure the heights of celestial bodies in the sea or on the coast and the angles between visible ground objects in order to determine the coordinates of the observer. It can be used on ships of unlimited navigation area. 
A sextan measures the angle between straight lines connecting two remote visible objects with the location of their observer, while seeing these objects.

Technical data:
Angle measurement range: 0-120
Instrumental error, no more than: 12
Limb scale price : 1 Drum scale scale price: 1 '
Counting error on the drum scale: 6
Sextant correction: 36
The deadlock between the worm and the frame is no more than: 12
Overall dimensions of the laying box - 278x275x160 mm
Weight - 4.5 kg.

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