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Transducer Teledyne

Transducer Teledyne

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Parts Catalog of GC Yokogawa CMZ700

Component List

Main compass (MKM022)

 No  Description  DWG NO.   No   Description   DWG NO.
 1  Gyrosphere (CHE)   KT005  16  PS1 Assy  V8114SS
 2  Support fluid  MKZ508  17  PS2 Assy  V8114 Your
 3  Mercury  V8109PN  18  Inverter Assy  V8114SW
 4  Insulating fluid  V8109PT  19  Main Assy  V8114SA
 5  O-ring  V8005BE  20  Terminal Assy  V8114SY
 6  O-ring  V8114DQ  21  Transformer Assy  V8114UN
 7  Central output  V8114DV  22  Noise filter  A1I17EN
 8  O-ring  V8005BE  23  Fan-motor Assy  V8114UM
 9  Rubber insulator  V8114FL  24  Circuit protecter  5T108F017-14
 10  Outer bellows  V8114FM  25  Foto-senser Assy  V8114UQ
 11  Inner bellows  V8114FQ  26  Seal washer  V8109TW
 12  The Universe Joint  V8114FP  27  MM I/F Assy  V8114SL
 13  Container  V8114AC  28  I/F board Assy  V8114SG
 14  Stepper motor  V8114UR  29  Burush Unit Assy  V8114LP
 15  Belt  5T117G008-01      

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