Quartz Chronometer

Quartz Chronometer
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Quartz Chronometer

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A marine quartz chronometer is needed to store the exact time in hours, minutes and seconds on ships and vessels of all classes, types and purposes. The chronometer box is made of hardwood and finished in mahogany. The brass body is finished with a high-quality varnish that prevents tarnishing.

Chronometer Models:

  • Chronometer quartz 10058;
  • Quartz Chronometer 10039:

Technical details:

 Battery  1.5 V
 Quartz frequency  32.768 kHz
 Average current consumption  55A at 1.4V
 Travel accuracy  n.DIN 8325>=1”/d
 Voltage range  1.2 - 1.7 V
 Operating temperature  from -5 to + 50С
 Output frequency  1 Hz
 Battery life  about 1 year

  • The marine CMQ quartz chronometer is powered by an alkaline battery (AA 1.5 V). Battery life of at least 2 years. To replace the battery, it is necessary to unscrew the locking screw on the right side of the gold-plated chronometer case, remove and turn the chronometer upside down, and replace the battery with a similar one. The use of rechargeable batteries is prohibited.

Dimensions: 175x195x195 mm.

Weight: 2.8 kg

Marine quartz chronometer certified by RMRS.