ZP-1 horizontal periscope

ZP-1 horizontal periscope
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ZP-1 horizontal periscope

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ZP-1 horizontal periscope

The optical bypass reflection system used in the ZP-1 periscope is designed to compensate for the difference between the steering position and the compass position. It consists of three main components:

Intake pipe: The intake pipe is a pipe installed vertically in the immediate vicinity of the compass. It serves to transmit light from the compass to the periscope.

Horizontal bypass pipe: The horizontal bypass pipe is installed horizontally and connected to the intake pipe. It serves to redirect the light from the intake pipe into the reflective tube.

Reflective tube: The reflective tube is located parallel to the horizontal bypass tube and receives the light reflected from its surface. It directs light into the eye of the periscope user, which allows the helmsman to observe objects in front of the ship without shifting under the compass.

When using the ZP-1 periscope, when the steering position does not coincide with the position of the compass, the light passes through the intake pipe and then reflects off the surface of the reflective tube. After the light is reflected, it is directed into the user's eye, giving the impression that objects are observed directly under the compass.

Thus, the optical bypass reflective system allows the helmsman to observe objects in the desired area without having to move the steering wheel to the compass, which facilitates the performance of its tasks and improves the ergonomics of work.

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