AEP Antenna Mounts

AEP Antenna Mounts
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AEP Antenna Mounts

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 Name Description  Material 
MP146C Rail fastening White base of nylon
MP210C L-bracket for VHF Stainless steel   
MP199C Deck Mounting
White plastic
MP198C Deck Mounting
White plastic
MP154C Deck Mounting
White plastic
MP503C Deck Mounting Stainless steel 
MP652C Mount for GPS antennas Stainless steel
MP1505C Bracket on the pipe Stainless steel 
MP717C Staple rail S / S Bracket 1 '' Stainless steel
MP063C Staple Bracket Mast diameter 40 mm (1''1-2)
Stainless steel
MP064C Deck Mounting Stainless steel
 Diameter 40 mm (1''1-2)
MP650C Mounting Bracket Stainless steel;
Stopper: 350 mm
Minimum mast diameter: 33 mm - 1 "
Max. Mast Diameter: 83 - 2" 1/2

Alarm and monitoring systems. Seagoing ships 09.09.2021 Alarm and monitoring systems. Seagoing ships
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