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Receiving antenna Comrod AR-62

Comrod AR-62 - receiving fiberglass antenna, designed for operation in the HF band (0.15-30 MHz). AR-62 is used for the needs of sea and land services. This two-section antenna can be installed in several ways: on the mast, directly to the wall, on welded square brackets, on the flange. Also, the AR-62 can be equipped with a manual or electric tilt device.

  • Frequency range 0.15-30 MHz
  • Polarization - vertical
  • Length - 6m
  • Weight - 7kg
  • Number of sections - 2
  • Mounting on the mast - diameter 40-65 mm
  • Wind load - up to 55 m / s
  • Temperature regime - from -55 'C to +55' C
  • Cable - RG-8X, RG-213 or similar
Brochure АR-62

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