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Portable radiostation SAILOR SP3520

Portable radiostation SAILOR SP3520
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SAILOR SP3520 - Portable radio station supplied with international channels, fully complies with the GMDSS requirements. SAILOR SP3520 has a rugged waterproof case, vysokochetkoe mgr, large comfortable buttons and control knobs that allow the station to operate even when wearing gloves, and a bright backlight, which enables the use of SAILOR SP3520 at any time of the day.
Portable radiostation SR SP3520 to be used in case of emergency. However, the best way to ensure the functionality of an emergency - is the use of radio in everyday communication on board. SAILOR SP3520 is designed for daily use and can be easily connected to external equipment.
The main emergency power battery is stored for use in emergencies, and the secondary battery can be used to daily communication. High-quality accessories for SAILOR SP3550 include interface cables for headsets and PELTOR SavOx, programming cable, dual battery charger and carrying case.
  • Frequency range: 155.000-163.425 MHz
  • Class of emission - G3E
  • The radiation power - 2 W
  • Food - 7.2 V
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ° C .. + 55 ° C
  • Weight with battery - 340g

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