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Samyung STV-160

Samyung STV-160
  • RMRS
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STV- 160 - VHF radiotelephone apparatus bilateral approved by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for use on vessels , as emergency equipment , the Russian River Register of Shipping for use on vessels mixed (river- sea) as GMDSS equipment .
  • STV- 160 is compact (65x125x36 mm ) and weight ( 420 g including battery ) .
  • Transmitter output power can be switched to a value of 2 , 1 or 0.5 Watts.
  • This model has a backlit keyboard and LCD display . The display shows the channel number , the grid frequency mode ( scan , reception, transfer ) , battery status , power output level .
  • Squelch level has electronic adjustment and user settable . By reducing the capacity of the battery station gives an audible alarm and displays the relevant information.
  • STV- 160 has several modes of scanning channels : Normal Scan, specify the channels , dual scan , on the priority channel .
  • The housing unit has a sealed construction capable of immersion in water at 1 m during 5 min.
  • The station has all the international (including Russian ) , U.S. and Canadian channels.
  • Has type approval by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.

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