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Hytera PD715Ex VHF

Hytera PD715Ex VHFis a portable radio station VHF band (136-174 MHz) in explosion-proof design. It is intended for use in potentially explosive environments on land and at sea. The walkie-talkie is equipped with flexible functionality of the DMR TDMA Tier II digital standard for the most difficult tasks. The PD715Ex VHF complies with the requirements of the ATEX, IECEx and FM explosion-proof specifications. The device includes a protected battery Li-Ion battery. Thanks to Hytera's patented technology of fixing the battery in two planes, it is impossible to detach it from the radio station's housing when it falls and a spark appears. The tightness of the housing of the device complies with the IP67 standard. The housing is protected from the inside by dust and moisture, as well as gas and chemically active substances, with a composition of silicone.

The device is equipped with a large set of functions. Any function can be programmed into buttons to ensure quick access. The radio receiver has a built-in GPS receiver that allows you to accomplish tasks for subscriber locations, for example, notification about the location of the subscriber by sending a message with its coordinates or integration into the hardware and software complex of basic equipment, and other possibilities.

 Main functions:

  • 5 modes of operation (digital, analog, XPT Trunk, DMR Trunk, MPT-1327 Trunk)
  • Alarm CTCSS / CDCSS; 2, 5-tone; HDC 1200
  • Priority Channel Scanning
  • Timer TOT channel restriction
  • Contact list (up to 1024)
  • Sending messages and making a call at the touch of a button
  • VOX support
  • Sound notification when selecting a channel
  • LQO sound quality enhancement function
  • Basic encryption 10, 32, 64-character keys
  • Support for programming on OTAP
  • Pseudo Trunk Support
  • Remote monitoring
  • Priority call interruption (optional)
  • Remote on / off
  • Built-in GPS module
  • Support for transferring GPS via SMS
  • Man down function
  • Emergency call in analog and digital modes
  • Combined scanning mode (analog and digital channels)


  • Frequency range: 136-174 MHz
  • Number of frequency channels: 1024
  • Transmitter output power: up to 1 W
  • Sensitivity: 0.22 (12 dB SINAD) μV (s / w)
  • Type of squelch: adjustable SQ
  • Modulation type: Analog + Digital
  • Power supply: 7.4 V
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
  • Connector type for antenna: SMA-male
  • Speaker sound power: 500 mW
  • Dimensions: 141x55x37 mm
  • Weight: 485 gr

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