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The IC-M93D is a handheld VHF radio that contains many features, including a dedicated DSC receiver (compliant with ITU-R M 493-13 DSC Class D), built-in GPS and Active Noise Cancellation technology. In addition, the intuitive interface, combined with the high-contrast 2.3-inch display and keyboard makes the device pleasant and comfortable to use. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can quickly access the desired function using the radio programmable keys. The 19 most frequently used functions can be assigned at the bottom of the display.

The IC-M93D is the slimmest VHF / DSC case for a ship's handheld transceiver. The depth of the case has been reduced from 43.2 mm (SK-M91D) to 38.5 mm (SK-M93D) by implementing a flat keyboard. This allows the device to be sturdy and comfortable to hold. The IC-M93D does not sink if it gets into water, and the emergency lights turn on automatically even if the device was turned off. The case is waterproof, made according to the IPX7 standard


  • 2.3-inch large LCD with high definition and contrast
  • Slim and able to float Float'n Flash
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Active noise canceling technology
  • Built-in GNSS receiver
  • IPX7 standard
  • Navigation function from current position to specified point
  • 50 waypoint memories with alphanumeric names for navigation
  •  Dual / triple clock function for monitoring channel 16 and / or call channel
  • Battery indicator shows battery power in four levels
  • AquaQuake ™ (vibration expels water from speaker)

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