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Granit 1R32N

The radio station 1R32N "Granit" is a portable radio station for ensuring reliable radiotelephone communication in the frequency range in accordance with the current regulatory documents.

 Operating frequency range     146-174 MHz (FM)
    Number of channels     200
    Rated supply voltage     7,2V
    Maximum transmitter power     5W (FM)
    Receiver sensitivity     75dB (160MHz)
    Selectivity on the adjacent channel, not worse than      70dB (160MHz)
    Intermodulation selectivity, not worse than     70dB
 Enclosure protection  IP66

The radio station can be equipped with additional functions (by adding hardware nodes):
  • digital modem - will provide reception / transmission of arbitrary text messages (SMS)
  • Bluetooth module - will provide input and display of information on a portable device via Bluetooth
  • GLONASS / GPS module - will provide the transmission of navigation information over the radio channel and the translation of the radio beacon-indicator of the disaster location at a frequency of 121.5 MHz from the rivers. ITU-R M.690-1
  • analog transceiver module (optional) - will provide independent reception of two frequency channels

Standard kit:
  • Transceiver
  • Antenna
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery (capacity 2200 mAh)
  • Individual charger with mains adapter
  • Headset (optional, optional accessory)

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