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The VEGA VG-511G radio station (VEGA VG-511G) is a reliable, modern, high-tech radio station designed primarily for communication between life-saving appliances, life-saving appliances and ships, as well as for communication between ships and life-saving appliances in accordance with the SOLAS conventions. It is also allowed to use a radio station for communication inside the ship, ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore.
The station comes in two configurations:
1. AL-505 Antenna, BPE-505 Emergency lithium battery
2. AL-505 Antenna, BPE-505 Emergency lithium battery, BP-505 Li-Ion battery, BC-505 Charger with AC adapter

Specifications VEGA VG-511G

Number of channels 256 (up to 500 maximum)
Power 2W increased / 1W reduced
Frequency range 156.025 - 163.275 MHz
Speaker power 1W
Frequency stability ± 5ppm
Working temperature -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
Protection class IP-67
Dimensions 57.5 (W) x 126 (H) / 275 (with antenna) x 38 (D) / 43 mm (with battery)
Power supply 7.4V ± 20% (battery BP-505), 6.0V (emergency battery BPE-505)
Weight 154 g (without battery and antenna), 289 (with acc. BP-505 and antenna)
Modulation 16K0G3E (16K0F3E)
Sensitivity not worse than 0.25μV
Selectivity on the adjacent channel not worse than 70dB (25kHz)

Certificate RMRS
<a href='httpss://; target='_blank'>Certificate RMRS VEGA VG-511G</a>

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