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- Compact, lightweight and rugged construction.
- Easy operation, even for unskilled personnel.
- Full marine-use VHF channels.
- Designed to meet GMDSS requirements related with performance standards for survival craft two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus, such as IMO M.149(77) and IEC 61097-12.
- CCS type approval.
- MED type approval.
- RS type approval.
- VR type approval.

Technical Specifications 
 Frequency Range:  156.300 ~ 162.975MHz
 Operating Channels:          19 channels (default)
 Operating Hours:  ≥8 hours ( TX10%, RX10%, Standby80% )
 Output Power:  High 3.0W / Low 0.5w
 Battery Requirements
 Battery Voltage:   DC 7.2V
 Storage Temp.:  -30℃~+70℃
 Storage Time:   max 4 years on board (see Note 1)
Dimension & Weight   
 Dimension:    256(H) X 51.4(W) X 46.2(D) mm  
 Weight:    400g (Transceiver+Emergency Battery)
 IP Grade:    IP67 (Transceiver / Battery)
 IP22 (Charger / Adaptor)
  *Note: It is recommended that the battery can be stored at the dealer/agent max 1 year since purchased and it should be replaced in 5 years after supplied to a vessel.

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