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Portable handheld VHF Radio Ocean POCKET 5600

Portable handheld VHF Radio Ocean POCKET 5600 - designed with the most advanced electronic innovation. It supports international communication channels. With its robust and reliable design of the station is working in various environmental conditions. One of the important features - it is completely waterproof for 30 minutes after a dive Radio Ocean POCKET 5600 in water. The effect persists when immersed to a depth of 1 meter. With normal contact with the water, the radio remains afloat.
To avoid loss of water surface, Radio Ocean POCKET 5600 is equipped with a special flashing warning light which comes on immediately when released into the water. In order not to spoil the radio speaker, there is a function 'Burp', which provides a clear link, network, even in difficult conditions due to the vibrations, which are able to remove the water from the speakers. Although the sensor, the radio has a fluorescent seals on the sides, making it easy to find it in the dark.
The advantage of the Radio Ocean POCKET 5600 is a function of Bluetooth. Thanks to the 'pairing with a mobile device» Bluetooth compatible - you can transfer an incoming call on the phone or answer the phone directly straight from the radio.
It is also equipped with a radio air temperature sensor, which indicates the room temperature, so it is possible to select the format ° C or ° F.
Additional features Radio Ocean POCKET 5600:
  •  Function ATIS (Automatic Transmitter Identification System) - programming required.
  •  The function of memory channels.
  •  Backlit display.
  •  Standby time up to 12 hours.
  •  Adjust the noise reduction.
  •  Battery level indicator.

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