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Motorola GP340

Versatile and portable radio Motorola GP340 - reliable and easy to use means of communication. Meets Class 2 EX ic IIC T4X and standard IP54.
The software is capable of supporting five selective signaling, and send DPL and PL-tone. This deployment of the flexibility provided by a programmable frequency grid and the full frequency range of VHF / UHF. Function Voice Compression provides a clear and crisp sound even at quite noisy environment. The level of noise is reduced during pauses. Channel Scan function allows you to maintain and choose the way of communication and monitor workflow on different channels.
  • Channel Scan
  • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
  • Emergency call
  • 'Alone,' the employee (Lone Worker). It provides additional security and privacy for employees working in dangerous conditions at a distance from the group. The radio enters emergency mode if the user does not respond by pressing the PTT switch on the periodic control request.
  • Communication with the relay and to cover a large area, or passing it directly, to communicate directly between stations.
  • Whisper Mode
  • Call forwarding
  • Compliance with the military standard for portable radios MIL-STD-810 (C, D & E);
  • Switching Mode Power;
  • 16 channels;
  • Manual switch channels;
  • Extensibility functions by option boards (encryption negotiation; Smar Trunk II; answering machine / recorder);
  • Ability to work in trunking systems (optional: need a special function board);
  • Programming with a PC;
The exceptional ease of use combined with high quality sound and a wide range of programmable functions, allowing you to use it effectively in systems with low technical qualification of the personnel. Radio stations Motorola PG340 is ideal for law enforcement agencies, emergency services, industrial plants, energy companies and other users interested in reliable, high quality, guaranteed connection.
The kit includes:
  • Battery HNN9008
  • clip mounting
  • instruction
  • Charger.
Specifications Radio Motorola GP-340:
  • Frequency range: 403-470 MHz
  • Power supply: 7.5 V battery
  • Number of Channels: 16
  • Frequency spacing (kHz): 12.5 / 20/25
  • Sensitivity (mV): 0.25
  • Output power (W): 5/4/1
  • The frequency stability (± ppm): 2.5
  • Parameters: 137h57,5h37,5
  • Weight (g): 420 (with battery HNN9008 for GP340)
  • Operating temperature (° C): -20 to +55



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